The Civilized Divorce

Divorcing one's spouse or devising a time-sharing plan or calculating child support or even the ramifications of alimony payments for a child does not have to be combative, but can be calmly thought out and discussed openly in the mediation process. There is no necessity for destructive behavior which is not a productive way to reach a viable agreement and ultimately result in added cost, stress, and ends with a poor result. The better, more economical, and much quicker solution is the mediation process in a safe environment.

Raymond R. Pines maintains a safe environment for the participants, free from physical and mental abuse. Yelling, screaming, demeaning behavior, or any form of violence is not tolerated by Mediator Pines. Your mediation sessions can also be conducted with both parties in the same conference room or each of you can relax in separate conference rooms with Mr. Pines traveling between conference rooms as the process unfolds. There is no need to feel uncomfortable since we have multiple rooms on site for your convenience. Many times, having the participants in separate rooms creates less stress, more open opinions and generally less agitation for the parties. Participants and lawyers, if present, may voice their opinions or preferences without offending the other party, who is in the other conference room.


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